Sunday, November 20, 2011


Nashville may or may not realize yet 
that there is a little treasure tucked away on the East Side
and her name is Caroline.

Birmingham is fully aware of her absence
and has not been the same since she left.
A weekend visit was needed.
Caroline withdraws all over again, not so much.

In true Carol fashion,
the house she is renting had interesting (trying to use my nice words) people
that left inspiring decor too good to remove.
My personal favorite was the Amish fireplace.
Still unsure why they are Amish?
You will also notice several items on the "mantle."
One in particular would be a jar of mysterious jewels.
Such a kind housewarming gift.

Friday was spent catching up
and getting some rest for our big plans on Saturday...
One of my friends MJ was Nick's (Carol's bf) model
for his new company's photo shoot.
I'm dying to share with you what is special about their company
but I can't because they have not launched yet. Suspense.

While waiting for the photo shoot to wrap,
Carol, Cos and I headed to Hatch Show Print on Broadway.

As one of the oldest working letterpress print shops left in America,
I purchased a poster to remember my trip.

Lunch at San Antonio Taco Company was delish!

The crew (minus the man in the window).

Outnumbered by boys,
some of the afternoon included watching football at this guy's place.
He was recently a lieber for Halloween (cross between Justin Bieber and a lion).

Besides Carol,
The Patterson House was my favorite part of the trip.
Made to emulate a pre-prohibition speakeasy,
the below entrance is the only place the business is marked.

Once inside, a dimly lit sitting area, tightly pulled curtain 
and hostess to greet you awaits.
Upon approval to enter,
the hostess ushers you to your seat in yet another dimly lit, cozy room
with bookshelf lined walls and a bar in the center.

Menus lay upside down to conceal secretive content.
Pages of the most scientific, bacon-infused artful drinks
with sphere ice made from molds in Japan
make your drink selection near impossible and simultaneously exciting.

Our order.

Speakeasy vibe down to the detail,
your receipt comes closed in a book.

I was with Caroline "Party Rock" Bell
so obviously there was some interpretive dancing.

A lovely brunch at Mad Donna's ended the weekend.

On the way home, Cosby and I stopped at The Factory in Franklin
and look what I found!

Hope you had a good weekend.
Looking forward to a short work week
and Thanksgiving in Columbus, GA!

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