Monday, February 28, 2011

First Time for Everything

Well hello lovelies.
How was your weekend?
Mine couldn't have been better.

Work has been exhausting lately to say the least.
Long story short, I was looking forward to a much needed weekend of lounging around.
Life had other plans and I was reminded of what it's all about.

Cosby had a weekend itinerary that made me want to cry.
Not because of what we were going to do.
Simply because I felt maxed out.
Towards the end of the week I started to feel the ole freshman in college body shut down.
You know what I'm referring to.
The body gets to that point where if you don't slow down, 
your immune system will take over and
That's the level of sheer defeated tired I was.

After much debate,
I knew I needed to be supportive.
Cosby loves to quail hunt and I've never experienced that with him.
We also had a BBQ to go to for Cosby's best friend since he was zero 
who is getting married in a month.
Basically, this weekend meant a lot to him.

All I could think about was I'm not going to get any rest.
On top of that, I'll have to push through 5 more work days before I can get my sleep!
And here's what happened...

I had one of the best weekends with Cos and his friends!
I went hunting for the first time ever.
It was a pretty day and I had my new camera to play with.
So much better than wallowing in bed.

Here is where I need to be clear.
I refuse to ever partake in deer hunting.

I'm not against people who do.
Just not for me.

Quail hunting takes true effort.
Watching the dogs work was amazing.
I just wish they could wear bullet proof vests.

I also determined that someone should make chaps for your arms.

Cosby told me the night before that we would be riding a mule.
I was expecting the four legged version.

To top it all off,
the BBQ party for Hugh & Morgan made the weekend.

The party took place in Butler, GA at an old stagecoach home built in the 1800's.
Full of history and beautifully restored, 
there could not be a place more suited to my liking.
Not only was the property a sight to see,
it's called The Cosby House.
There's even a federal document framed in the foyer.

Climbing the old wooden steps of the classic, southern front porch 
made you feel as if you were stepping back in time a bit.
Two wooden doors open into a foyer 
where a man is perched on a stool playing acoustic guitar softly off to the side.
The hostess greeted us with the upmost Southern charm
and encouraged we tour the home.

Throughout the evening we learned of the many unique attributes to The Cosby House.
A 25 foot man made well that still operates.
External doors to every room since the property used to be a stagecoach home.
The road out front was once traveled by The Trail of Tears.
And windows along the bottom of the house to what used to be slave quarters.

Being in Butler for the weekend was still tiring
but I was away from any semblance of city lights.
The night sky was so crisp and clear.
You could actually hear the wind blow and the crickets chirp.

Even though I didn't get my rest,
I was so far removed from the stress,
and to see how happy it made Cosby to do something that really meant a lot to him,
made me feel completely restored.

[Butler] [Quail Hunting]

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Click My Heels

I'm swamped right now.
Verge of drowning.
But happy.
So happy.
And who isn't busy?

If my weekend could look like this,
I would squeal!

Go ahead and bookmark her!

Cool stove.

How many strands are too much?

Terrarium To Do List

[Click] [Five Things]

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Soul Food

I need to start cooking again on the weekends.
A brief influx of warm weather, 
and I find myself panicked by my lack of soup consumption this winter.
In hopes to compensate until spring - I will try this Tortellini Soup.
This work week will definitely call for:
1 cup of therapeutic activities
1 pint of rest
and 1/4 tsp of taxes

I'll throw this one in for fun!
Minus the ham...any substitute ideas?

[Crepes] [Tortellini Soup]

Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Is All You Need

Because sea otters float while sleeping,
they hold hands to avoid drifting apart.
Happy Valentines Day!

Photo via

[ValentinesDay] [Sea Otters]

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hold the Phone - Red Stamp App!!!!!

I'm a HUGE Red Stamp fan.
For years I have stored friend's and family's birthdays on the site.
I get an email reminder 2 weeks, 1 week and the day of their birthday.

But now there's an app...
And I'm in heaven.

Here's how it works.

Choose from a variety of themes.
(Birthday, Congrats, Anniversary, Friendship, etc)
You can even insert your own photo!!!

Then pick a design.

Use the suggested text...or customize your own.

Email or text your creation for free.
Even post to Facebook or Twitter.
Really love your message?
Send a post card instantly from your phone for $1.29!

Here's an example of one I texted last night.
Cosby's sister lives in New York.
Not only do we all miss her but she just got a job!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


In preparation to move into my own space...
with no roomies...
I'm obsessed with finding inspiration on design blogs.
Trust me,
there is a folder full on my computer.
Here's a few faves right now-

I have this type of table in mind.

There's nothing more essential than having a functional entry way.
I thought this was a unique twist.
Learn how to recreate this look here.

Normally hanging at a wedding reception,
these puff balls are so cheerful in the home!

I die for an Eames chair.

[Decor] [New Space]

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pre-Game Super "Social" Bowl Guide

If you're like me,
you could care less about the game tonight.
While food, friends and beer are motivators,
the commercials are key to my participation.

With the going rate of $100,000 per second,
smart companies will integrate social media
 as much as possible to get the most bang for their buck.
An ongoing dialog is quintessential for brands,
not to mention maximizing impressions.

Sneak peaks are one way to get the buzz started.
VW, for example, has been doing just that with their spot, "The Force,"
accumulating over 12 million views already on YouTube.


Doritos and Pepsi are taking the "Crash the Super Bowl" contest approach.
Contestants make a commercial,
submit their video,
and the top 3 are aired live tonight.
Oh yeah, and the winner's get a pretty awesome prize!
The idea has people not only talking,
but has them engaging on the Doritos microsite
 to vote for their favorites.
Here's one of mine.


Look for the Motorola Xoom Android tablet spot 
that bravely mocks the infamous 1984 Apple commercial
and devoted Apple iPad users.


Best Buy wanted a piece of the Super "Social" Bowl too.
 The highly anticipated spot features an odd duo,
Ozzy Ozbourne and Justin Bieber.
Bieber, who was discovered on YouTube and has avid Twitter followers
is a brilliant play to insure tweets and retweets.

The E*Trade Babies get me every time.
Can't wait to see what's in store this year.


And an oldie but goodie.
In 2009 Miller High Life constructed a genius idea.
The 1 second ad.


I'll leave you with Lil Wayne's remix "Green & Yellow"
free download to play during your Super Bowl party.
That is....if you're a cheese head. 

[Commercials] [Super Bowl]

Saturday, February 5, 2011

And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson

I'm speechless.
I want this.

[Robinson] [Tory Burch]

What's Your Colorscope?

I wear a lot of black.
But I gravitate towards pool and moss when it comes to accessories and decor.

Go here to see my weekly post in the Life section.

[Personality] [Color Scope]

Thursday, February 3, 2011

All You Need Is Love

Here's my deal with Valentine's Day.
It's a genius marketing scheme.
One that I don't celebrate but do recognize.
And when I say recognize, I mean with minimal effort.
A funny card and a tiny, more on the thoughtful side, gift.

Bless boy's hearts, it's got to be tricky for them.
For the girls out there that are sick of chocolates and roses,
here's a sweet idea to pass along to your significant other.

My personal favorite is the On the Mark arrow necklace.

Featured here in People.

[Gifts] [ValentinesDay]