Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Got a little crazy with blog widgets today.
Thought I would walk you through some changes
for your optimal user experience.

1. Not that anyone cares but you will notice a lovely, new rustic
background and font used for my blog name, titles and posts.

2. To your immediate right is Super Mash Bros.
at your fingertips on my sidebar.
I don't remember Level 1 being so hard!

3. Below my Flickr stream which has always been available
are the top 5 popular posts.

4. The top 5 most recent comments are featured immediately
below popular posts.
I love when I hear from you!

5. And for last you will notice an orange button 
labeled "Apture" at the bottom of my sidebar.
Apture is a browser extension within my blog.
You don't understand do you?
Try this.
Highlight this word: apture
Now you get it?
Without leaving the site,
apture pulls wikipedia and web content relating to the word you highlight.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

With A Little Help From My Friends...

My Google Reader is full of blog subscriptions
whom I feel like I have a personal relationship
with each author.

Of course I know none of them
but somehow the similar selection process to follow their blog
based on comparable interests and attributes
causes me to equate them to a friendship.

A select few, go-to blogs never fail me
and some recent finds are posted below.

Simply in love with this outfit.
Must find tunic tee in every color.

Just added to the book list.

found here

Maybe because I'm a child of The Lion King era,
but anything tribal wins me over instantly.
Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba...

found here

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Da Bears

This past Friday we pulled into Oxford
and met best friends from college on the square.
After an exciting reunion and a couple of drinks,
we showed our age and called it a night due to an 11:30 game the next day.
Guess the days of late night and chicken on a stick are coming to a close.

Saturday was typical.
Good times,
poor football.

I miss the student section every time.

Oh yeah,
our tickets were in the Georgia section.

This is my friend Katherine.
She lives in Atlanta and makes cool jewelry.
I spent the entire weekend trying to convince her to start a blog.
Seen below pondering blogs and how the man in the background keeps the shaker on his head.

This guy needed more SPF and a hat.

The moment when he realized Georgia will consistently be better athletically,
but Ole Miss is just cooler than you.

She's getting married in 2 weeks.

Win or lose.

Found him.

[Georgia] [Ole Miss]

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tunic Tuesday

Not really a weekly post,
just worked for today's title.

Tunics are creeping into my closet more frequently
like Chico's finds itself on moms everywhere.
Tunics are better right?

Currently in love with...

found here

found here

found here

If you know of any good tunic hiding places,
please share!

[Obsession] [Tunic Tuesday]

Monday, September 19, 2011

Moody Mondays

You know the deal by now
and if not,
this is my space to get everything off my chest
so it's done
and the rest of my week is happiness.

1. Cereal bags
They are hard to open.
Why would you make a product
that will most often be used in the morning
when people are tired and weak
that is hard to use?
Now my bag is torn losing all chances of optimum freshness.
Can I get a ziploc open or something?

2. Bad Shower Dryer Offers
I want to scream when I step out on the shower rug
and it's sopping wet.
You gotta car wash style dry off IN the shower.
That rug is there so you don't slip.
Not to do your towels job.
It's like backwash on your feet.

3. Automated talkers
They could speed it up a bit.

4. Blogger
Very upset with blogger right this instant.
If you are going to be spiffy and update your interface,
you darn sure better have all the features available.
And don't force me to use the new one when I'm not ready
by taking away all of my features in the old interface.
Not only is it taking me longer to do my post because I'm learning the new places for everything
but now there is no option to center align my text on the old or new interface.
For real blogger? Get it together!
I feel lopsided.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

When It Rains...

With a dramatic week full of equal part good and bad,
I'm ready for this coming week
as long as it's calm.

At 25 I find myself still working on accepting this one.

A guaranteed happy ending is in store
as I will head to Oxford on Friday
for the Ole Miss/Georgia game.
I CAN'T WAIT to see everyone.
Simply being in Oxford brings me joy.

Last year's reunion game.

Hope everyone has a good week.

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Friday, September 16, 2011

And We're Dancing...

Everyone should have a Caroline in their life.
As we hugged goodbye in the La Paz parking lot this morning,
I realized this and how lucky I am.

So of course I had to write a goodbye post 
and recap on our last day together...

Luckie held a little party for Carol
where we surprised her with a video that
attempted to capture the true essence of "Caroline."
I would love to post a clip here but I'm afraid some of my co-workers
would hunt me down since dancing was involved.

Just before her surprise party,
she said her goodbye's on Luckie's facebook page:

Thanks Luckie & Co Employees for almost 3...
Caroline Bell3:57pm Sep 15
Thanks Luckie & Co Employees for almost 3 years of the best time spent 9-5, Mon-Fri anywhere.
Im really gonna miss:
Luann - I will never have a better boss. I know this to be fact.
Bob and Rich - I love you two in the most platonic weird way possible.
The daily yelling of "It's 4:20" from either Bob or Rich
Conspiratorial/ None of us are gonna make it outta here alive talks with Bob Harrison
Random birthday cake from 'those ATT people' upstairs
meat muffins?
Boy talks with Claudia Worrell
Story time with Nathan and Ashley

Allison - Thanks for letting me talk crap to you all the time.
Edward - Keep wearing the ties
Nager - dont die back there in your hidden cube. Sometimes I would get really scared that you were dead because you were so quiet and I thought about checking on you but honestly, if someone dies in a cube I dont want to be the one that finds them. That's just a bad omen for the rest of my career.
Karen- I hope one day I am like you: accomplished, a great mom and wife and still with it. Keep tweeting
John Hunter - I sometimes forget you're alive too down there in the basement... good to know you've managed to stay alive.
Danielle- you really rock out when it comes to getting that Alabama Jammer around town!
Lori - My ghetto Vestavia partner, make sure no one ransacks my house while Im gone. and I hope the next time the power goes out (bc it will) it doesn't take a week to fix.
Eric - maybe you can sit with my parents at a concert again?
John T - Come to Nash. If not, I'll see in Boone when this is all over.
Beth- Thanks for all the snacks and red couch talks
Rebecca - you're so wise and fun and an inspiration. I miss you when you are on maternity leave and will now miss you, well, from afar.
Kammie - College Kammie. What else is there to say
Mary Jane - Keep wearing the high heels and never cut your hair
The Regions Team- you taught me everything I know!
Rich G- Thanks for letting me babysit your dog. I got a new dress out of that wknd spent with Mojo.
Ashley Whit - cheers to plans. You ultimate planner you.
Melissa Wheeler - Thanks for saving my life in the Luckie truck
B3- you're the best.
And to everyone else, keep it real. This place wouldnt be the same without you.

Shortly after we went to dinner and then out.
Later in the evening at a friends house,
I was looking for Caroline
and of course, this is what I found...


Kammie, Caroline and I then went back to spend the last night at her house
where we had a seance of sorts.
(BTW, if you're in need of some Domino's after midnight in Bham,
you're SOL.)

This morning we helped her pack in true Caroline fashion.
What I would do to see the people's faces who watch her carry in all that
Carol deemed necessary to tote with her to a temporary extended stay.
A few favorites were:
Full bedding (mattress pad, 22 pillows and all)
Her Wii
Sex and the City box set

Good times at 2721.

Carol gave me a handmade card that is now on my desk
and will one day be framed in my house.
There were tears and laughter all in one.

Her parting words of wisdom on the back

thanks for bringing me happiness,
listening to my incessant planning,
adding dance moves to my four corners repertoire,
and reminding me to live life out loud.

This is not goodbye,
it's simply the start
and many trips to Nashville.
I love you - see ya in November.

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Moody Mondays

No one is perfect
and the perfect parents do not exist.
However, with age, I have observed in all parents
good attributes I hope to extend one day
as well as down right inexcusable traits I refuse to partake in. 

Poor Parenting
Instilling fear by threatening
to deprive a child of all essentials, 
relationship with one another
and even the extras that make a child feel special and worthy
in which a parent is naturally responsible for providing
to obtain control and desired outcome is weak and inexcusable.

Fear may produce an immediate response
but renders no long term respect
nor valuable life lesson learned.

Induced fear tactics are inconceivable and futile.

[Fear] [Poor Parenting]

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Knock Knock, Who's There?


Starting yesterday, dreams were answered across the nation.
Fashionable and affordable apparel and accessories
from fingertips to door steps everywhere.

I'm really feeling my shopping cart.

[Shop] [ZARA online]