Monday, October 31, 2011

Haute Halloween

Happy Halloween!

Take notes from these girls.
Proof that even the spooky holiday
can be pulled off in style.

Style is half the battle.
Smarts are part 2.
Get your Spooky Stats here.

Photography courtesy of via, via and via
Infographic found here.

[Style] [Happy Halloween]

Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Arms Can Look Like Jennifer Aniston's??!!

Sorry for the recent absence.
I've been a little busy
but should never be too busy for you.

You would think my obsession with well sculpted arms
would compel me to work on my own more often.
It doesn't. I continually try and find something that I will stick with.
Maybe Jennifer Aniston's Arm exercise will do it?

Love this ad!

[Ad] [JenniferAniston]

Saturday, October 22, 2011

You Can Run...

Happy Weekend.
Such a lovely day.
What are you doing?

Marley has been a touch rowdy lately
so we took her to the park.

Guessing and hoping these dogs are dressed up for Halloween?

Campbell and Henry came to play.

Henry wanted to race Campbell around the bases.

Then we all raced.

Right as we were leaving a big plane flew over.
That was kinda cool.

Now for some recent online finds.
Like this free, printable gift wrap set

Ditch Micheal Kors' newest bag this season,
The funky punches of color will brighten
the typically darker shades of a fall wardrobe.
It will be one of a kind,
hand-crafted by artisans of the guajira penninsula
of Columbia and Venezuela.
Proceeds help the quality of life there
and aid in preserving their culture.

there are lots of nice people to meet 8 x 10 print

Need to go get ready for an engagement party.

See you kids tomorrow.

[Saturday] [Happy Weekend]

Friday, October 21, 2011


To a lovely woman,
inspiring mother
and dear friend.
Happy Birthday Duke!

[Duke] [Happy Birthday]

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Face Jam

"Here's your chance, do your dance at the Space Jam

Sorry, quick flashback to the Quad City Dj's.
So about this iPhone case,
I NEED it.

Purchase here.

Jam of the day...

Oh yeah,
tomorrow is my Friday.

[Miscellaneous] [Face Jam]

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oscar Cat Duel & New Life Theory

For a good laugh...

And for my current theory on life:

Life's seasons are typically one extreme.
Good. Or bad.
There is no real middle.

The trick is conquering how to prepare for bad while times are good,
and learning how to navigate when times are bad.

The people who win
understand the hardest part;
how you handle the good seasons
are equally important as your reaction to the bad ones. 

[Oscar] [Life Theory]

Monday, October 17, 2011

Moody Mondays

There are days where the weight of adulthood
is heavier than others.
As usual, the typical needs vs. wants list received a reality check.
And you know what frustrates me the most?
Not the items that screamed, out of the question.
Instead, my poor attitude when life unveiled
certain items must wait until next month or possibly next year.

Although some character tweaking is in order,
so is giving credit where credit is due.
I stand before you a proud, new rigorous-budget-spreadsheet-maniac,
refusing to spend more than I make
as well as putting money aside NO MATTER WHAT.
My old ways would have played now, paid later.
Problem is the exhausting cycle that does exactly that, cycles.
It's never ending or heading towards a positive direction.

Where I once perceived budgets as a constraint
disabling irresistible purchases,
I see now the must-have purchases magically dissipate
or at least prioritize themselves.
I feel like I have more money,
even though I'm working with the same tiny amount, trust me.
Empowered by financial freedom
I encourage anyone reading this post to consider a budget.
So yes,
still moody from the perpetual lessons of how life is unfair,
to simultaneously see progress, is encouraging.

I have a self-orchestrated spreadsheet,
however, I read that the below is quite helpful.

[Unfair] [BudgetSpreadsheet]

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Guess What...?

Big News!

Gossip Girl and your other CW faves
now available on Netflix for instant streaming.

What did you do this weekend?
Mom, Mammaw and I headed to Tennessee for my cousin's baby shower.

The shower hostess had a historic, restored home
with immaculate taste inside and out!

I got to see my other cousin's little boys.
Below is precious Owen.

There's Drake.

We tried getting a picture of the boys with their "G-daddy", (my Uncle Rossy),
but as you can imagine,
it was a task.

Drake and I spent some quality time playing.

Even Owen got in on some badminton. 

We switched it up a good bit to golf.

 I'm incredibly talented so Drake handicapped me with
the plastic driver.
I have no problem with beating a 6 year old.

It was wonderful to see family as always.
Next time we see Blair,
she will probably have children!

Hope you had a good weekend
and happy start to the upcoming week!

[Netflix] [Gossip Girl]

Friday, October 14, 2011

Time to Start Practicing My Skills

It's official.
After much deliberation on how to pull off appropriately in the work place,
I will be the Evian Roller Baby for Halloween.

I just purchased the shirt...

Now on the hunt for a white tutu of sorts, 
super nude tights like the little girl dancers,
roller skates,
baby head band for hair-baby-look-alike purposes,
and an Evian water bottle obvi!

Gotta get my skates fast so I can start practicing...

A co-worker made a good suggestion
so that I can get full skate usage.
Next year I can be a Sonic waitress.
I plan on implementing the skates yearly.
Official Halloween trademark.

Was contemplating being the "Second Nicki Minaj"
but the skates won me over.
Have yall seen this yet?

Hope my friend Kammie does it.
She's got the moves.

What are you going to be?
I would love to hear your creative ideas!

[Halloween] [EvianBaby]

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Steve Jobs not only revolutionized the technology world as we know it
but made quite an advertising impact as well.
Think of the countless ads that transitioned to the familiar, simplistic white background
with copy and music to emulate a similar feel as Apple ads.
Ran across this article which featured 15 commercials
highlighting the music that will forever be associated with an Apple commercial.

I selected my favorites and posted below.

iPod 1G

Jet iPod Commercial

"Jerk It Out" iPod Commercial

U2 "Vertigo" iPod + iTunes Commercial

Oh remember this one, "1234" by Feist first iPod nano commercial

"New Soul" Mac Book Air Commercial

The iPad

[Iconic] [Apple Commercials]

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Digi What?

Everything from Rue to Mashable,
I find myself scurrying through errands and exercise after work
to faster submerge and disappear in the new digital, techy, and design blogs
I recently discovered.
Nerdy and addicted.

So let's talk the new iPhone 4S.

Finally, 3 carriers are now competing for my business!
This brings me to the notorious and numerous AT&T dropped call.
If I had a dime.....we won't go there.

I had confidence this day would arrive
where such failure to address a primary and purposeful function of the company's service
would cause wandering eyes everywhere.
Because I'm a Scorpio, I'm relatively loyal,
but the dissatisfied customer in me is reviewing such content carefully
to make the upcoming, life-impacting crucial decision.

This site has amazing comparisons between all three carriers:
Performance by state
Service plan
Resale value
Early termination fees
Upgrade and return policies

original post found here

Already made your iPhone 4S purchase?

Click here for instructions on how to see if your little gem has shipped!

Facebook is taking over!

Have you hacked the new timeline launch?

Learn how here.
When the full timeline display panic subdues,
realization of the once identifiable, stand-alone profile pic
is yet a small representation starts to settle in.
Time to get creative:

View more as well as sites who customize your cover for free!

Don't you worry,
old Ashley is still in here somewhere.
Fashion, lifestyle, home decor, beauty etc. will be integrated continually,
however, a little brush up on your digital/tech world can't hurt right?
Happy to bring you a partly educational blog experience.

Special Treat Time

Enjoyed browsing these calendar desktop wallpapers.
I went with this one for my work computer 
but will change it like I change outfits EVERY morning:

View favorites below or go here to view all and download free.

See you tomorrow.

[October] [Digital Obsession]