Wednesday, November 30, 2011

December Desktop

Tomorrow is the first day of December,
so you know what that means...
time to change your desktop calendar!
Click here to view all and download.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Are You A Good Googler?

Googler [goo-gler]; verb
One with super search skills, above average rapid eye movement and intense filter all while entering organized, succinct keywords tapping internal resourceful abilities.

I wish I was one.
Here's how:

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Leftovers

With three days of back-to-back events
followed by two days of relaxation,
here are some poor quality photos (sorry).

Cosby and I on our way to his parent's 28th anniversary dinner celebration.

This took a while but we finally got it right.

Still at the kid's table.


The grown ups.

Thanksgiving flats.

Mystery jello.

When hair.

Thanksgiving attire.

Holly and Jay's engagement party.
Cosby and SB dancing below.

Cosby and his mom.

Mr. Cartledge and Campbell.

Brad Paisley made the event since Jay and Holly met at his concert.
Holly below with Paisley and SB in admiration.

Scotty on the drums.

They let me shake a cabasa.

Some Saturday night Mexican. Delish!

The spread.

My taco.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


On my way to Columbus today for the Thanksgiving holiday,
I stopped at Resurrect Antiques in Opelika, AL.

The owner has an incredible eye
with a mix of elegant decor and quirky industrial hardware.

A cute bird's cage greets you when you enter.

This was all I came out with this time.
A turquoise bottle opener to match the colors in my new place.
Originally hopeful for a coffe or kitchen table,
I was quite pleased with my little purchase.

If you're traveling today please be safe
and have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow.

[Alabama] [Resurrect Antiques]

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Snail Mail

Yesterday I reached to the deepest creativity corners of my brain
to decipher what type of holiday card I will be sending this year.

Everyone on my mailing list will see soon enough
but I did stumble across these while researching for inspiration.

My inner nerd adored these code cards.
With only two versions currently,
you could always make your own...

Found here

Cats are oddly trendy right now
and I love wit and simplicity for cards sometimes.

Found here

Interactive, all-inclusive and personal.

Found here

I would love to send any of my readers a card,
pretty please email me your address!
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