Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Cleaning

I think it's fair to assume you have enjoyed the outdoors as of late,
but the indoor environment that nestled and comforted you during the cold
is feeling a bit left out.
Open up those windows and let the fresh air in.
Here's some spring cleaning for inspiration.
You'll thank me later.

This broom changed my life. 
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Always practice good skin and fashion,
even while doing chores.
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Cleaning supplies have a...well, identifiable, harsh chemical odor.
After the success of Mrs. Meyers,
I felt more comfortable investing in non-toxic supplies
that offer the freshest of scents in a non-Febreze kind of way.
I give you...the Haven Starter Kit.

If there was a way,
I would add a scratch n' sniff here.

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