Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Whistle While You Work

Work has been keeping me busy lately
and is on the agenda yet again this evening.

I give myself goals followed by what I like to call...
Reader Rewards.
That's right,
if you're going to be a nerd and work every night,
might as well have geeky game shows with yourself.

Let me explain.
I follow hundreds of blogs,
all maintained in Google Reader.
When I complete a task,
I scurry over to Google Reader at lightening speed
and allow myself 10 post reads.
Hence, Reader Rewards!

This past Monday night,
Reader Rewards must have been feeling my pain
and was cranking out some good content.
And then it happened,
I discovered...

Same concept as Pandora,
however, the music selection is not streamed
from your artist or song title input.
You select tunes by your current activity
and then by your mood during that activity.
Oh yeah, and one more thing...
no audio ads!
(Hope Pandora is taking notes)
For example,
while preparing a meal
select - Cooking Dinner.

I tend to go with -
Dancing in the Kitchen.

This is where a genre is selected
to pair nicely with your dance skills.

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