Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rap Music & Ice Cream

The moment has arrived - I'm off to my annual reunion with my best friends from college. I'm envisioning something very similar to a Real Housewives of Ole Miss marathon if there was such a thing minus the backstabbing and more along the lines of dance parties, rap jams, girl talk and plenty of food I'm sure. Andy Cohen, if you're reading this, let me know where to submit my footage from the weekend for a potential series.

I have anxiously awaited and severely missed silly girl time, a baby shower for the pregnant crew (yes, it's a crew) and anticipation to see the ring and hear the story of one newly engaged lady. Time and distance has been the only change since graduation 4 years ago (eek). We pick up where we left off flawlessly.

Plus, when we're together, we're cooler than everyone else.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Chasing Rainbows

colorful bobby pins

coffee table decor you hear that?
It's your coffee table begging to have a sophisticated ginger root sculpture.

John Broadley illustration

And now let's go play outside...

Eclectic bedding

Eclectic bedding...yes please!

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Friday - Wish I Was There, Wearing That

Lake Retba in Senegal with cute fringe swimsuit

No, that's not baby boats in a pool of Pepto,
it's Lake Retba in Senegal.
Microorganisms called Dunaliella salina thrive in its salty waters.
D. salina's version of chlorophyll is red causing visual magnificence.

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

June Desktops & Doughnuts

Let's just pretend today is June 1st
and I'm doing my monthly post of June desktops.
They're pretty awesome this month...


Olympics Desktop

Fancy time -

RedStamp Desktop Calendar

Happy National Doughnut Day is June 1st!
I would like to dedicate this
to my little brother whom I used to physically fight with
over who got the most doughnuts.
Once a bitter fight is now a sweet memory to laugh about.

National Doughnut Month Desktop

I can hear the sounds of the shore...

June Beach Desktop

Well hello there

June Summer Desktop

June Sunset Desktop

For all my Zooey Deschanel girls out there -

June Retro Desktop

Baba from the Hindu society renounces
social position, money and authority
absorbing all colors from a spiritual life.

June Chromatic Baba Desktop

Enjoy, happy June everyone!

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