About Me

As for the formalities, 
I'm Ashley Whitright,
 named after my late grandfather, (Gene Ashley Whitright)
found common in the South among men born in the 40's,
(Google Ashley Wilkes, Gone With the Wind for reference).
Fun fact according to the must-watch documentary Freakonomics,
Ashley, once a top 5 middle class, white-girl name in the 80's
is now a a top 5 low class, white-girl name.
Thus, my compulsive list of creative names I continually update and revise.

A Rebel grad, (never a black bear) from Ole Miss (Hotty Toddy)
with a degree in marketing,
now a working/struggling 20-something in Birmingham, AL 
loving every day the ad agency (Luckie) most people would call work 
however, with coworkers and culture 
superseding any green expectations I had post graduation,
I feel fortunate 8a -5p Monday through Friday.

With an artsy eye and abstract thoughts,
the late bloomer in me once struggled to find
a supportive environment and creative outlet.
Immersed and equipped with digital information via Luckie
and free spirit friend, Caroline, who finds blogging therapeutic,
I gave Just Sayin a try December 10, 2009.

Now a controlled space
containing an outpour of my random interests and identity,
a filled void and inspiration hub lives as a digital extension of me.